The World of A Non-Technical Founder

My personal definition of being a non-technical founder is this: not knowing how to write code, not knowing how to read code, yet founding a mobile app business which solely requires code in order to function.  

I never planned to start a company, let alone start a mobile app business. If you had told me that this is what I would be doing 5 years post-college I would have laughed in your face. ! I would have said, “Start a business? Yeah that sounds like a lot of work, no thanks”! Well…I was right about it being a lot of work, more than I expected even after starting it. 

The key takeaway about being a non-technical founder is that it is imperative to find the technical people to help you. I don’t necessarily mean find a development company; I mean find technical people to put on YOUR team. The development company you hire is not on your team, they are looking out for themselves and want to get paid. Unfortunately I learned that lesson the hard way.

Not only is it necessary for you to hire technical people, but also the timing of hiring those people is even more important. I didn’t hire a technical person on my team until 12 months into development…the same development that the first development team said would take 4 months. I told you I learned the hard way, right?

You need to hire the technical person or people BEFORE your app is going into development. Your technical people should know your vision and help as you vet potential people to actually build your app. Do not follow my hot mess express train and wait a year into development before hiring. Looking back, if I had hired a tech person on my team before the app went into development, I could have had more guidance when choosing who to have build my app.

I spent 12 months with a development team that took days to answer my questions, months to show me any part of my app, and they could never meet a deadline I set even if it was weeks out. During that 12 months it was just me against the developers. I didn’t have any technical person on my team looking out for me or telling me if the development company was bull-shitting (no better substitute) me or not.

Thankfully, a business friend of mine familiar with the tech world gave me the great advice that I needed to hire someone on my team to help me manage the new developer that I so desperately needed to hire.


That same friend introduced me to a key player on my team, as I was getting ready to officially launch QuickSit. The moment I added a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) consultant to my team was a key turning point in the life of my company. He then helped me find, vet, and hire a new freelance developer to finish out the app and get it launched in the app store.